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About Us

I have always been a do-it-yourself kind of guy. When I started carrying a handgun concealed on a regular basis in 2014, I wasn't happy with the holster offerings at the time and I also did not want to buy a new holster for every new handgun that I purchased, so... I bought some kydex sheet material, made my own foam press, and started making my own inside the waistband holsters. I went through several attempts before I produced an acceptable holster that I could use every day. I made a few more holsters for new handguns that I had purchased, as well as for a few friends and family members, and each time I went through the process I learned a better way to do things. This prompted me to go back and make all new holsters to replace the first few that I made for myself and that cycle of constant improvement just continued.

In 2019, I made the decision to carry all of my handguns with a full-size weapon mounted light attached, so I started working on a holster design that indexed on the weapon mounted light rather than the gun itself so that I could use the same holster for multiple handguns as long as they all shared the same full-size weapon light. I also designed my own spare magazine carrier that would work with all the different magazines from the various handguns that I wanted to carry. In 2020, I spent some time developing my own modular mold that allowed me to easily and consistently produce these holsters for several different popular full-size lights. This is when RFV Tactical was born! I thought my design was solid enough that I should start a holster company that specialized in this full-size weapon mounted light indexing holster as there were only two other holster companies that I knew of at the time that were making a similar type of holster (PHLster Floodlight and Armordillo Concealment LUX). I knew going in that it wouldn't be a product that was in high demand, as there aren't a ton of people that share my enthusiasm about carrying a handgun inside the waistband with a full-size light, but I was okay with that since this is just a side business for me. Due to the overwhelming requests to make holsters for handguns with compact weapon lights or no lights at all, I decided to expand my holster offerings to a few select handguns (with or without compact lights) based on their popularity. I later decided that I would also make custom holsters for other handguns as well as custom knife sheaths as long as I could use the customer's actual handgun or knife for the molding process. As a DIY kind of guy and being a firearms enthusiast and an avid action pistol competitor, I started stippling all of my own polymer frame handguns in an effort to improve their traction and make them look better. I got pretty decent at stippling over time, so I decided to offer that as a service. In 2022 I learned how to do Cerakote refinishing to offer as a service for handgun frames, slides, and their associated small parts to compliment my stippling service.

The company name of "Ready For Violence" is my way of advocating for always being prepared for a worst-case scenario where you might have to defend yourself and your loved ones against an act of violence. I personally carry a handgun with a spare magazine 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I only use the products that I make to do that. I also use those same products to regularly compete in USPSA and IDPA action pistol matches rather than use typical competition "race" gear because I want to make sure my products perform well in a stressful and fast paced environment. Video footage of most of the matches I attend can be viewed on my personal YouTube Channel.

Chuck Brazeau
Owner and Operator

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