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Custom Kydex Work: $25/hour plus materials
(additional shipping cost if not local)
Please email rfvtactical@gmail.com to inquire about custom kydex work,
or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

We can make custom holsters for handguns that are not listed on the IWB page,
and we can make custom fixed blade knife sheaths as well!
In most cases, we would need the actual handgun or knife to use for the mold process.
Custom holsters can usually be made within 3 hours once the handgun is on the bench.
Custom sheaths can usually be made within 1 hour once the knife is on the bench.
NOTE: the cost of kydex material and belt attachments are NOT included in the $25/hour rate.

We are a Type 07 FFL. Please contact us for specific
details before shipping your firearm to us for service.

As an alternative to shipping us your gun to use as a mold for the holster, you can
pay an additional $30 for us to acquire a mold gun for your particular gun if one is available.
Mold guns are typically $60, so we'll split the cost with you and we'll keep the mold gun.

We keep the following colors and prints below in stock.
NOTE: the prints on the second row are an additional $10 per holster or $5 per sheath.

Other colors and prints can be special ordered for additional cost and lead time.
You can also order your own custom kydex from the websites below and ship it to us!
H3 Customs |  Tactical Infusions |  Kydex Infustions

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