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IWB Weapon Light Indexing Holsters: $75 plus shipping
Please email rfvtactical@gmail.com to place an order

Our IWB weapon light indexing holsters are made with 0.080" thick Kydex or Holstex.
They are not specific to any particular gun, so they can
be used with multiple guns that share the same light.
They are designed to fully encompass a Glock 17 size gun,
but are open ended to work with longer guns or compensators.
See our list of guns with verified fitment!

They are molded specifically for the following popular fullsize weapon mounted lights:
Streamlight TLR-1s/TLR-1HL
Olight PL-Pro/PL-2
Inforce WILD2
Surefire X300U-A/B

"Which fullsize light is the best one?"

Available in Black, Carbon Fiber, Gunmetal Gray, Olive Drab, and Flat Dark Earth.
Other colors and prints can be special ordered for additional cost and lead time.

They come standard with a FOMI belt clip and include a concealment fin and a rubber comfort puck.
Optional belt clips include a Discreet Carry Concepts monoblock clip (additional $5)
or Pull-The-Dot soft loops (additional $5 each).

"Hey, what is that little round thing on the back of the holster?"

Molded for the Streamlight TLR-1s/TLR-1HL in Black Kydex

Molded for the Olight PL-Pro/PL-2 in Black Carbon Fiber Holstex

Molded for the Inforce WILD2 in Gunmetal Gray Kydex

Molded for the SureFire X300U-B in Olive Drab Green Kydex

Molded for the SureFire X300U-A in Flat Dark Earth Kydex

All IWB weapon light indexing holsters and mag carriers have adjustable cant
and will accept Discreet Carry Concepts monoblock clips or pull-the-dot soft loops

IWB Non-Light Bearing Holsters: $65 plus shipping
Please email rfvtactical@gmail.com to place an order

In addition to our weapon light indexing IWB and OWB holsters, we also make
gun specific IWB holsters without weapon mounted lights for the following guns:
See why we recommend a fullsize holster for use with a compact gun!

1911 Officer (3.5") no rail
1911 Commander (4.25") no rail
1911/2011 Commander (4.25") with full length rail
CZ-USA P-07/P-09
FN 509 Compact/Midsize/Standard
Glock 43/43X/48
Glock 19/17 (Gen 1-5)
Springfield Hellcat
Springfield XDS
Springfield XD/XD-M
Sig P365/P365XL
Sig P320 Compact/Carry/X-Series
S&W M&P9 Shield
S&W M&P9

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