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Universal Fit Magazine Carriers: $25 (plus shipping)
(no additional shipping cost when ordered with a holster)
Please email rfvtactical@gmail.com to place an order,
or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

Our universal fit magazine carriers have the following features:
Minimalist design to eliminate bulk
Fits most double stack and single stack mags
Fits most 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP mags
Self tensioning with a replaceable elastic band
Easily reversible for IWB or OWB (with FOMI clip)
Adjustable cant for appendix position (AIWB)
Ambidextrous for right or left hand
Multiple belt clip mount options
We are not aware of any universal mag carriers available that have ALL of those features!

We keep the following colors and prints below in stock.
NOTE: the prints on the second row are an additional $5 per carrier.

Other colors and prints can be special ordered for additional cost and lead time.
You can also order your own custom kydex from the websites below and ship it to us!
H3 Customs |  Tactical Infusions |  Kydex Infustions

The mounting hole pattern of our mag carriers
allows for adjustable cant (for AIWB),
or 3/8" of ride height adjustment, and
multiple belt clip mount options including:

FOMI clip (Fold Over Mold Injection)
The FOMI clip comes standard with our magazine carriers, and
is the best belt clip for easily switching between IWB and OWB.

Polymer drop clip with single mounting screw (IWB only)
NOTE: This clip is a subsitution for the FOMI clip at no extra charge.
The single mounting hole at the bottom allows for infinite cant
adjustment to get the position just right for your preference.
We recommended this belt clip for AIWB use!

Metal drop clip with single mounting screw (IWB only)
NOTE: This clip is a subsitution for the FOMI clip at no extra charge.
This is simply a thin spring steel version of the polymer drop clip, but the
design actually lowers the mag carrier further below the belt line slightly.

Discreet Carry Concepts monoblock clip (IWB and OWB) - $5.00
These are basically a thin spring steel version of the FOMI clip.
They print less and are more secure than the FOMI clip, but are a
bit harder to remove off the belt if using them as an OWB belt clip.

Modified Discreet Carry Concepts monoblock clip (IWB only) - $5.00
We simply cut a monoblock clip in half and only use one half of
the clip on the mag carrier to take up less real estate on the belt.
They are also infinitely adjustable for cant when used this way.
NOTE: you will receive both halves of the clip for your usage preference

Single Pull-The-Dot soft loop (IWB only) - $5.00
These are arguably the most secure belt mount
for IWB and are infinitely adjustable for cant.

Dedicated OWB clip - $5.00
This clip is used only for OWB carry for concealed carry,
competition, or general range use and is very secure on the belt.

UltiClips (3 versions) - $15.00
UltiClips operate on a "pinch" principal and are very secure when engaged.
They are meant to be clipped onto the edge of fabric rather than a belt,
which makes them a great option for pocket carry or backpack carry.

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